19th September 2019 from 7pm - sports hall Královka, Praha

Martin Smith

In the last three decades, British artist, songwriter and producer Martin Smith, has written songs that bring fresh wind to the lungs of churches. Songs like "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?", "Waiting Here For You" or "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" connect generations and inspire both worship leaders and Christians to worship the King of Kings. During his musical career as a frontman of the band Delirious?, the lead singer of Army Of Bones, and now as a solo singer, Martin has contributed to almost every aspect of modern worship. Martin is married to Anne and they have six children.

Chris Quilala

Chris Quilala is an artist on the Jesus Culture Music label and serves as worship pastor for

Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento, CA. Chris has been involved in Jesus Culture since

it was founded and he is an integral part of the Jesus Culture leadership team. He is a

talented and anointed worship leader and musician with a love for the presence and

power of God. He has a heart to write songs that will bring freedom and strength to the

local church. Chris and his wife Alyssa have 4 beautiful children, Ella, Aria, Jethro (born

December 3rd 2014 and is living in heaven) and their newest addition, Liv.



Markus Wenz is a follower of Jesus, a husband, a pastor, a friend, a media enthusiast who loves time with people and God. Markus' desire is to see the young generation transformed by Jesus. Markus is the leader of the Holy Spirit Night movement, which unites young people across Europe in a desire to come before God's throne. 

Ben Fitzgerald comes from Melbourne, Australia. He was a drug dealer in the past. Broken and on the brink of his strength in 2002, he met Jesus Christ. Today, Ben is the director of GODfest Ministries Inc., which hosts the Awakening Europe Christian Festivals. His greatest passion is to show the world Jesus and His kingdom.

Jean-Luc Trachsel felt the call to serve God from an early age. Jean-Luc's desire is to see the unity of Christians across denominations. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit opens the gates to signs and miracles, healing and salvation. Jean-Luc is the International Director of IAHM, whose mission is to restore healing services in the body to Christ. Jean-Luc is a member of Europe Shall Be Saved - ESBS team, which aims to see Europe transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sebastian Stakset he lived in darkness that had power over him. Hatred, suicide, empty bottles of vodka, weapons, jail, suicide attempts, cocaine, anxiety. Sebastian Stakset, gangster, rapper and icon of youth, lived a life full of destruction and crime - then he found Jesus. Do you want to hear his story? Come to the Holy Spirit Night!

Benjamin Lim has been in New Creation Church for more than 20 years and carries multiple anointings in the church. He led the youth ministry with youths and working adults from 13 to 29 years old for 20 years and is passionate about seeing young people supernaturally transformed by the love of Jesus and raising/mentoring leaders by imparting to them a strong sense of destiny. He was also the General Manager of the church office where he oversees the overall operations; and leads the pastors and managers in shepherding and growing the 200-strong staff and servers. He also served as a Board member of the Church Council. Presently, Ps Benjamin is passionate about preaching, teaching and equipping pastors and leaders in local

churches in various countries.


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  • Group Ticket (50 people and up): 250Kč/pax
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  • Student: 330Kč
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  • Student: 390Kč
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Sportovní hala Královka

Nad Královskou oborou 1080/51, 170 00 Praha 7-Bubeneč

Doors open at 6pm, Event starts at 7pm


MEDIA Support

We will be very grateful if you promote the Holy Spirit Night in your church, group, or social media. You can download some of our formats and use them for PROMO.

Contact us on info@holyspiritnight.cz


prayer is incredibly powerful and important. We pray regularly for Holy Spirit Night - if you want to get info about how to join us - let us know and we will keep you posted. We believe that prayer is the key to awakening and revival and we would love to have you on board.


we will be greateful for financial support. We appreciate every gift and support for this unique event where we want to worship Jesus together. Our desire is that Holy Spirit Night be a place where young people meet God. We are trying to make the most of this evening, and our whole team is based on volunteers. Without your gift, we wouldn't be able to organize this event and we appreciate your heart and generosity.

We will be happy to issue a confirmation to your gift - please contact us at info@holyspiritnight.cz

Account number - 2800230321/2010


How do you get to Královka?

The Královka Hall is easily accessible by tram 1, 8, 12, 25, 26 from the metroHradčanská or Vltavská.

Where can I park?

Leave your car in the car park at Letná or the adjacent parkingzones.

When should I come?

Get as soon as possible! The hall opens at 6 pm. - and you want the best places in front of the stage.

Where will I sit?

You can sit wherever you like - you can jump in front of the stage, you can bust in the audience, you can chill on the seats. It's up to you. Make sure you enjoy it.

Can I buy merchandize?

Sure! We have Tshirts, jumpers you name it. So come ready to buy some cool stuff.

Can I buy a student ticket?

Sure, if you're a student and you have a student card, go for it.

Do I need to have a chaperone?

If you are under 15, come with someone over the age of 18.

Drinks? Food?

They have wonderful snacks at the venue. So don't worry.

What about kids? Do they have to pay entrance?

Kids up to 10 years old can enter free of charge - parents - take your kids along! The best way to enjoy a a worship night is as a family!